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235 People vs. Institutions


People are responsible, not institutions. People should suffer the legal consequences of their actions at an institution, not the entire institution. The parishioners of a church aren't responsible for the sins of the priest; the stockholders of a company are not responsible for the missteps of its employees; taxpayers are not responsible for the brutality of police officers; nor are Property owners responsible for predatory teachers in schools. The shielding of responsibility of individuals by hiding within institutions puts the onus on innocent Third Parties like stockholders, parishioners, taxpayers & home-owners. This diversion of responsibility needs to stop because when institutions are held accountable for the actions of individuals, the liberty of the many is sacrificed for the advantage of the few.

Similarly, people should participate in the political process, not institutions. It's because we have imbued institutions with the Free Speech Rights of people that government now serves the better financed & organized institutions rather than The People. People can be excused for part of their confusion about who is responsible for what because most of it is directly attributable to the perversely incentivized liability industry, reinforced & encouraged by the usurious insurance industry, both trying to ferret out the deepest pockets rather than deliver justice. It's a vicious cycle: insurance & liability institutions distort the political process to make individuals responsible for the actions of institutions.

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