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234 People Before Business


Society is comprised of people. Part of The Deal that people in a Liberty society make is to protect one another, to care for the vulnerable, and to respect others. Obviously, these expectations can only be made between people, not objects or imaginary constructs like businesses, which is why business is secondary to the needs of people. Business serves society, not the other way around. Unfortunately, the Aristocracy have used their undue power & influence to leverage government leaders & courts into giving businesses some of the Rights of people for reasons that only serve Special Interests.

Business Rights blur the line between business & people, an important distinction when priorities are enforced. This confusion must be resolved or it will destroy society because businesses are NOT people, should not be treated like people, and certainly should not have Rights like people. Society can still legally protect business without diluting the Constitutional protections of people. Giving businesses Rights is a blatant attempt by the Aristocracy to avoid the obligations that business has to society. If a nation wants to discourage cigarette smoking by barring advertising of the product, they can; if society says a commercial enterprise must not discriminate, it can't; and if The People want to protect jobs from depredation by foreign nations, they will.

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