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233 Perception


A well known political axiom is that “perception is reality.” If the mob perceives a witch, there is a witch, regardless of common sense, logic, or reality. But how can that be in a sophisticated world? How can advertisement-savvy consumers be so easily fooled in the political arena? They aren’t… Perception is reality in politics because people tacitly want it to be. A philanderer is only a bad thing if people don't like the unfaithful person; sexism is only career-ending if it serves some ulterior motive; dishonestly will only be a millstone around the necks of people who can't deliver on their promises.

Perception is not some psychological mystery no one understands, it's the exact opposite, we understand it too well, and exploitation of perception is the stock-in-trade of pontificators everywhere. For example, it's uncouth to openly admit one’s greed, resentment, petty banalities & self-interests, but if those base instincts can be hidden behind a facade of respectability then their manifestation can be fully realized. If a clever political orator provides intellectual or moral cover for people to hide their unsavory proclivities, then that leader can command a mob to unspeakable social horrors, and no one has to admit their complicity. These leaders don't get followers because they fooled them, anything but, the followers were simply waiting for a leader that empowered them by giving they perceptual camouflage.

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