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220 Socialism & Democrats


Because of the Cold War, liberty was in ascendance the second half of the last century, no question. The Democratic Party, the Party of Truman, Kennedy & Johnson, had no sympathy for socialist ideals of public ownership & totalitarian rule; even President Johnson's “War on Poverty” was couched in liberty terms, and Welfare today is still charity, not a Right, like socialists want. But as the Red scare dissipated, socialists crept out of the shadows to promulgate their alluring ideology, and since there are only two Parties in America, socialists set their sights on the Democratic Party. It's a good match, Labor has always had heavy socialist tendencies, and because these people don't explicitly espouse nationalization of private industry, or the muting of religion, or some other aspect of Marxism-based socialism, they aren't technically socialists, so they call themselves Progressives, but still walk-like-a-duck...

When these modern Democrats talk about values, they're talking about socialist values: equality, oppression, racism, globalism, environmentalism, feminism, labor, and insist that these values are the values of all Democrats. They literally tell Old White Guy Kennedy-style Democrats to shut-up. They encourage “Safe Spaces” free of the aura of liberty, and even claim that Free Speech hinders development of young minds, to more easily co-opt the young & impressionable. They subvert The Law's mechanism for protecting the minority into minority dictating to the majority, up to & including the lack of bathroom privacy. This overreach inevitably led to a backlash, resulting in a Trump presidency, but rather than dial back the socialist rhetoric, socialists in the Democratic Party seem intent on doubling-down. The reason is obviously RealPolitik: feminists, Gays, Blacks & other splinter groups that benefit from socialism, have ascended the Democratic Party hierarchy, and don't want to cede their newly-achieved power.

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