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219 Socialist Tactics


Socialists don't call themselves socialists, and they certainly don't call themselves Communists, that terminology became anathema after the terror of their Soviet darlings became public in the 1950s, and being unfashionable is considered heinous by socialists. Instead, they hide behind the term, Progressives. That's unfair to Theodore Roosevelt's Progressive label, but socialists have always been master manipulators of language: “NewSpeak,” the Orwellian term for socialist obfuscation using linguistics, is their specialty.

Socialists have developed a number of tactics to advance their ideology, including: claiming victimhood, sanctimonious posturing, and most effective, preying on the naivete & angst of the young. More crassly, they also demonize business, ridicule men, exploit courtesy, guilt Whites and chant slogans at demonstrations. Their political strategy is to infiltrate elective office in local governments. For example, they have been particularly effective in the Pacific Northwest: the Portland & Seattle City Councils are dominated by Progressives, and large, well-financed umbrella organizations like MoveOn.org promote the socialist agenda & finance socialist candidates.

The socialist Echo Chamber seems to be most virulent on Social Media, where those that do not pledge allegiance to the immediate cause celebre are ostracized through the simple act of deFriending. Their constant & coordinated hand-wringing & virtue-signaling extend into powerful mainstream media companies, like The New York Times, Washington Post, Google, Comcast & Time Warner. Hollywood has always been rife with socialist pretenders, probably because people who get so many accolades from contributing so little feel guilty, so must claim the moral high ground, but also because the glitterati have the visceral need to always be the center of attention, and pretending to care for the Little Guy when you, yourself, are part of the enviable 1%, has always been the height of socialist hypocrisy. Socialists tend to be well-organized & present their message quite effectively; if their irrationality was not so self-defeating, it could easily dominate society in America as it has in the rest of the World.

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