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218 Proselytizing Socialism


Unlike modern liberty's relatively recent emergence during The Enlightenment, socialism has probably been around since the beginning of humanity: ancient tribes were share-n-share alike, and many backward nations still can't move out of the Stone Age because of lack of the concept of private property. Most religious teachings are full of socialist dogma because if you're a peasant, there's just no other way to survive when the Czar takes all your food. Every time missionaries knock on your door, they're basically pedaling old socialist doctrine from two millennium ago, and every parent tells their child to share, and every pre-schooler only gets an apple if everyone else has one.

Crusades still exist: socialists feel everyone should be socialist, usually for “fairness,” and that they have a duty to spread it. Their self-righteous eagerness to force others into their worldview is on daily exhibition via virtue-signaling: the environment, veganism, Welfare, diversity, oppression, equality, feminism, etc. They often take great satisfaction in imposing their will, of seeing the lofty aspirations of others dashed into mediocrity, and even express a kind of sanctimonious glee at the prospect: Germans call it schadenfreude; Australians use the phrase, “hewing down the tall poppies.” It's why socialists make such great revolutionaries. Unless the masses are educated in the ways of liberty, socialism appears to be a better option.

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