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215 Socialist Values


Where best to find out what values American socialists are espousing than to read the U.S. Socialist Party website, which immediately states the goal of: “a society founded on principles of egalitarian, non-exploitative and non-violent relations among all people and between all peoples.” Egalitarianism, often expressed as Equality, is the Marxism end of the socialist spectrum, from those according to their ability, to those according to their need, until equal.

I'll comment on the specific socialist values listed in their platform:

Liberation of Oppressed People. Liberation? Oppressed? That's some Che Guevara magic right there.

Feminism and Women's Liberation. Who woulda thunk feminists were socialists?

International Solidarity & Peace. So that would be Globalism.

Cultural Freedom. The best Google hit I could get on this had something to do with “fulfillments of the psychic need of man.” Perhaps something to do with more federal holidays?

Full Employment is something all political Parties should adopt.

Ecological Harmony. Any goal including the word “harmony,” I'm guessing is a subjective call.

Worker & Community Control sounds like the traditional socialist tendency against private property.

The values of the U.S. Socialist Party seem very similar to Soviet Era Red Scare stuff, with all the implications thereof.

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