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212 Liberty Concepts


Let's review the top issues having to do with liberty:

Liberty's legal definition can be found in Black's Law Dictionary.

  1. America is the only Liberty nation now but it may slip into socialism if not nurtured.

  2. Liberty is selfishness tempered by courtesy, dignity & respect.

  3. Liberty is not the same as freedom, though more freedom brings more liberty.

  4. Social Justice Warriors are cultural Marxists, intent on distorting the meaning of justice.

  5. The Marxist definition of “Equality” is the very antithesis of liberty.

  6. Accumulating money is accumulating liberty: redistributing one redistributes the other.

  7. Liberty requires a centralized society.

  8. Capitalism is almost a perfect match for liberty but also its potential downfall.

  9. The socialist World expects America to submit to their values.

  10. If we are to keep our liberty, we must defend it.

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