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211 Defending Liberty


The concept of liberty seems clear & uncomplicated to those raised with it, however, collectivists around the world, those that insist that someone else knows what is best for everybody, and that what Americans call liberty is selfishness, have little or no concept of liberty. They insist the word "liberty" is simply a synonym for freedom with none of the ideal of individual sovereignty we aspire to in America. In fact, other nations insist that they're the ones with liberty, as defined & determined by them. Bizarrely, they even have rankings where America is lacking in “liberty.” This distortion of the concept of liberty is intentional, meant to confuse the debate so that the supporters of liberty do not recognize the battle between collectivism vs. liberty is even going on, but it's happening now, inside the U.S. The collectivists are globalists, believing that we should all be under the rule of a single World government, to do what is best for everyone, as they define it. They understand that the two ideologies, liberty vs. socialism, are incompatible, and that liberty advocates are simply too stupid & greedy to understand what is best for them, therefore they want the definition of “liberty” to be something that is compatible with socialism.

If we want to keep our liberty, we cannot assume it will survive without proactive measures. Liberty-lovers must understand the conflict: first, we must maintain the American definition of “liberty.” Every time liberty is equated to freedom, deny that definition and repeat our own, that liberty is individual sovereignty. Also, counter the socialist credo of “the most good to the most people” with our own, “the most liberty to the most people;” and strategically, when collectivists try to use the language of shame & guilt to denigrate liberty, you must not go on the defensive but instead reject their characterization as their own selfish interests. The first step in any battle is identifying the enemy, and the enemy of liberty is socialism.

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