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210 Liberty vs. The World


The crux of America's differences with the rest of the World is embedded in the U.S. Constitution with the word “liberty” and what it means. All of our lives we are taught to idolize liberty, we even pledge to it. With liberty, you come first, and if someone wants to make you do or think something else then they better have a damn good reason, and be able to prove it in court. No other country regards liberty as their primary goal, in fact, the American definition of personal liberty is quite suspect to them, it seems like a free-for-all. They expect bureaucratic Elites to tell them what to do.

Most Western countries focus on “most good to the most people,” a socialist concept, and the more Marxist-leaning make equality their goal. Liberty people think, “that's fine, it’s their country, they can do anything they want,” but that's the Live-And-Let-Live aspect of liberty speaking. Unfortunately, socialists don't think like that. They want “most good” to include you. They neither understand nor respect our liberty, and assume we accept their values. They expect us to homogenize into their world view because it will be better for everyone, and when we don't, they assume we are misguided, greedy & stupid. It's very difficult to respect people who don't respect you.

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