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206 Liberty vs. Equality


“Equality” is not found in America's legal prerogatives except as it applies to Equal Protection, and as regards to liberty, equality means there is no Class system so everyone has equal opportunity to pursue their lives as they see fit, but outcomes will not be equal because life is unequal. The socialist inclination to redefine words includes “equality.” Marxists claim that equality is society's ultimate goal, that all people should be equal, and that what we call liberty is causing the inequality. "Equality" is perverted to mean equality of outcome: that subjective effort dictates the reward, not objective success. Equality of outcome means the very existence of inequality is proof that an obligation exists, such that people are responsible not for their own actions, but for the actions of others. This reverses control from those who have to those who don't, the Marxist credo, “from those according to their ability, to those according to their need,” the very antithesis of liberty.

The fact is, the entire Equality imperative has its basis in resentment, covetousness & envy, and the hubris of those claiming the ability to determine equality seems limitless. The arguments used to support the Equalist ideology are that any differences between people is due to discrimination, that sons are responsible for the sins of their father, and victimized people be made “equal” by giving them preferential treatment. A real example is: since engineers are predominately men, and nurses are predominately women, this is proof of discrimination, and since there is some similarity of superficial education metrics, nurses are equal to engineers, and should receive the same rewards. In the Equalist worldview, since people are not responsible for their circumstances, the circumstances must be made equal.

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