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204 Liberty vs. Freedom


Many people do not actually understand what liberty means: they assume it's a synonym for freedom because the two words are often used together. Foreigners, socialists, also conflate "liberty" with "freedom" and most Western Nations are free, so they say they have liberty too, not understanding the distinction: The West has freedom, only America has liberty. However, more freedom certainly brings more liberty.

Here's how socialists interpret liberty: they make the "freedom" confusion, and say socialism creates more freedom for people. For example, Minimum Wage makes The Worker freer; not being held accountable makes people freer; having someone else be responsible for your well-being makes you freer, but that is NOT liberty. Liberty is you are responsible for your own decisions; the obligation is ON YOU. In their bid for control, socialists assign virtue to things that conflict with America's traditional mores & values: instead of aspiration, patriotism & liberty, they espouse freedom from responsibility, social justice & equality of outcome; linguistic deceits incompatible with liberty. The battle for liberty has become a battle for language.

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