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203 Liberty vs. Selfishness


Liberty assumes that individuals can make the best decisions for themselves, and benefits those who have advantages such as luck, opportunity & competence. This has a tendency to concentrate the financial rewards of liberty into the hands of a minority of Americans, but everyone else's boat continues rising with the rising tide. The socialist World considers this stance to be selfish, and claim “unfairness” is an issue. They assume that individuals cannot be trusted to know what is fair, so the elites must decide what is fair for everyone, and they make the decisions for you.

Americans are schizophrenic about socialism: on the one hand, we're a nation founded on liberty, the opposite of socialism, but we are also a deeply religious nation steeped in socialist rhetoric, and many Americans are uncomfortable admitting that liberty actually sounds a lot like selfishness. The ideology of liberty makes you the sovereign of your own universe, accountable first to yourself, and secondarily to other people, an implied contractual alliance rather than as partners as socialists believe. The difference between liberty & selfishness is that, as allies, we recognize the legitimate claim others have for protecting their own liberty, and that we treat others as we would like to be treated, with courtesy, dignity, respect & acquiescence towards a common law, which curiously enough, also reflects religious doctrine.

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