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Liberty is when the wants of the individual come first unless overridden by Due Process of Law. Liberty is bottom-up government which leaves individuals to make choices for themselves. America defaults to liberty which makes it the only Liberty Nation, however, that was only possible because when The Constitution was written, women, slaves & the disadvantaged were not among the ratifiers. Now, 250 years later, all the folks who would benefit from the redistribution of wealth want to switch to socialism.

Socialism does indeed serve the group better, but of course, at the expense of the individual. Before the fall of the Soviet Union in 1992, America didn't have many socialists because every child was indoctrinated against communism. Even now, collectivists deny they are “socialists” because they do not like the taint on the word, but about half the nation is collectivist, certainly the majority of the Democratic Party. Bennie Sanders, an avowed socialist, won many States in his quixotic quest for the presidency, and the tide of socialism is getting stronger as wealth inequality increases.

The reason America has been able to maintain its Liberty Nation status is because Americans are raised to be risk-takers & gamblers; just look at the popularity of both, and if the odds are acceptable, like perhaps one-in-four of us can achieve financial success, and the downside is not that bad, meaning there is a sufficient Social-Safety-Net, Americans will vote to keep liberty. However, liberty is always at risk because socialism is appealing to the majority of Americans who will never enter the upper echelons of success, and democracy is a politics of numbers. If people who believe that liberty is the best ideology for America do not defend their position by convincing the majority of people that liberty is best for them too, we will all be socialists soon.

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