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191 Self-Reliance


Is there still as much emphasis on self-reliance as there was in the past or was that simply the mythology of my youth? Perhaps the idea of “helicopter parents” is a media creation but probably they're actually helpful in promoting their child's future. I also wonder if there's a correlation between self-reliance & ideology? Self-reliance is certainly essential to liberty. What is self-reliance anyway, and how does it manifest itself today? Traveling requires self-reliance: if anything, travel is on the increase. Extreme Sports require a major dose of self-reliance along with self-confidence. Using technology peaks among younger people & that's mostly self-entertainment, an important component of self-reliance. Everyday modern life requires a sophistication that was just not part of the past: people no longer have to hunt for food or die of exposure, but that's a kind of self-reliance we can do without.

The number of people who are not married, do not have kids & do not have their own home, may be the false indicators that the older generation is applying to those younger than them. No one any longer needs to know how to fix a car, or even how to check the dipstick, but they do need to know how to pay their bills online & find the best goods for the best price among websites. There are more advanced degrees given out now not because it's easier but because of the increasing caliber of students. There is more specialization, so generalization suffers, so fewer people can do everything which probably skews the perception of less self-reliance. It takes self-reliance for people to leave the protection of their churches or the sentimentality of their society, which makes me think self-reliance is actually on a steep upswing.

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