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189 Obesity


"Obesity" is a medical term that means a person is more than just fat, and the term “morbidly obese” basically equates to death. The vast majority of Americans are fat, and almost 40% are obese. Unlike in the past, there's no public shame to being obese, and judging by the number of obese people, over 60% of the population in some places, trying to stay thin isn't even a common goal. People used to control their weight by moderate eating but food is so inexpensive now, and so available, and advertised so effectively, and so yummy, that the average person doesn't have the will power to resist. So many people are obese it has become the new normal, and a new kind of political correctness has arisen that makes irresponsibility & poor judgment about your weight a badge of honor. Obese people are refusing to take doctor's advice to lose weight, citing "fat-shaming." In fact, some are claiming that obesity is a statement of social justice. It's a kind of NewSpeak: fat is the new thin.

It's hopeless: half of the people who get bariatric surgery gain it back in 2 years. Until there's a drug that loses weight, it won't happen. Almost: if Government made weight loss a national priority, after all it's a much bigger health risk than cancer, then develop, champion & nationalize any anti-fat drugs & protect them from liability, and embed the goal into Obamacare, we could lighten the problem of obesity, so to speak.

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