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166 ObamaCare


ObamaCare is the nickname given the Affordable Care Act but a more appropriate nickname would be “Obamasurance” because it does not provide healthcare, only insurance, and only through private companies, and only to those people who can navigate the relatively difficult steps to obtain it. Not only that, the Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable and does nothing to bring down the costs of healthcare. In fact, by putting a Third Party, the private insurance companies, into the middle, it guarantees healthcare will be even more expensive in the future.

What we call "health insurance" today, even the Silver plans, would have been called "catastrophic insurance" 20 years ago because it only applied to very unlikely events. Today's Silver plan deductions are the same as the catastrophic plans of old. Essentially, someone has to spend $5000 before any "insurance" kicks in at all. Consider that a 2-earner Middle Class 3-children family earning $80K a year doesn't qualify for a subsidy, and after a couple years with healthcare's ever increasing costs, insurance will approach $3K/mo with $1000 deductible. With no company footing most of the bill, they simply can't afford it. And those healthcare costs will continue to increase since there is no cost containment.

And there's the people against any kind of socialized healthcare. They disingenuously shout "Death Panels," and how doctors don't get paid enough, and how the U.S. leads the world in medicine. All lies & distortions to maintain the status quo, because these are the same people with retirement benefits, Medicare & the VA, so more patients are going to put pressure on their medical resources. They are the ultimate "screw you, I got mine" voting contingent.

There is actually less Middle Class healthcare now than before Obamasurance because it costs so much, but the hospital business is booming, the insurance business is booming, and the pharmaceutical & medical supply business are booming: ObamaCare is not socialized healthcare, it's crony capitalism for insurance companies. Insurance & healthcare lobbyists are some of the most powerful Special Interests there are. Whether there's ObamaCare or not, healthcare is going to be out of the reach of most people: it's only a matter of time...

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