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151 Debit Economy


The U.S. has had an ever increasing National Debt for most of its recent history, to the point of no return, and there’s no reason to think politics can ever be fiscally responsible. Debit cards have become the solution for private people who have a tendency to go into debt and not be able to pay it back, so let's extend that idea into the public sphere. Cut up the credit card: America needs to become a Debit Economy. A Debit Economy is not intended to decrease Government spending: we only need consider our standard-of-living, our science, our sophistication, and our ever accelerating level of comfort, to prove that Government spending is a good thing.

A Debit Economy would force fiscal responsibility while still advancing a civil society, and consists of three parts: first, a Spend-n-Tax paradigm where the money Government spends is fully returned by the people who ended up with it. Secondly, a Balanced Budget Amendment to disallow Government borrowing. And thirdly, privatizing government services to discourage bureaucracy & encourage innovation.

How much Government spends is the debate between Liberals and Conservatives, but regardless of the ideology, in a Debit Economy, the battle between the Politics-of-Envy and the Politics-of-Greed would be out in the open for all to see and confront. We would stop planting a timebomb of future debt, and halt the building resentment between those who are employed by government & those who have to pay for them.

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