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145 Oral Illusion


Words are symbolic metaphors that convey a tremendous amount of information. Because a word evokes existing preconceptions, clever manipulation of the word, coupled with intentional misleading, is an “oral illusion.” Politics is the expert practice of oral illusions because politicians recognize that they can plumb the wellspring of deep-seated human emotions by distorting the meaning of words. For example, “compassion” is one of those oral illusions: everyone assumes compassion is admirable, from wanting to help stranded puppies to comforting a friend’s bereavement, but in politics, the word “compassion” is used as cover for envy. It is manipulated and propagandized.

The Left is often guilty of oral illusions, as evidences by political linguists, like Noam Chomsky & George Lakoff, whose whole careers centered around the power of words, often providing cover for an irrational & dishonest Equalist ideology. When logic is defeating them, they inject the discussion with confusion by assigning new definitions to words, and using circular logic. Their expertise makes them almost impossible to defeat in live debate, but close examination of their written words exposes the deception. The solution is to simplify all issues down to yes-or-no answers, like we do here in these discussions, then when an oral illusionist appears, you cannot be fooled.

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