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141 Libertarians


Libertarians are diametrically opposite of socialists: they are only concerned with individual liberty. Period. They advocate a minimalist enlightened government, maybe even a philosopher king, that takes care of life's drudgery so that they can exercise their ambitions without halter nor fetter: run free wild spirit, achieve your maximum potential. Frankly, if it would work, I’d love to live a Libertarian’s dream: only concerned about what I want, living without obligations or dependencies, it's an Utopian ideal for competent people.

Libertarians don't recognize that society's primary goal is to perpetuate itself: this changes the dynamic because without concern for posterity, Libertarins have no need for constraints on liberty. The question is no longer a choice between individual wants & society needs, it's only what the individual wants. They couch this concept in words like meritocracy & rewards, and ignore the parts others in society played in their success & in their opportunity for success. Libertarians are under the misconception that their outcome in life was due to their own efforts, not as a lucky combination of events: just because you didn't see the trashman doesn't mean you picked up the garbage yourself.

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