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140 Democrats


31% of American voters identify as Democrats. They are an amalgam of old-style Liberals, Progressives, unions, environmentalists, feminists, and the catchall for every other Special Interest group. They tend to be more idealistic, younger, more demonstrative, more ethnic, more culturally diverse, more agnostic, more union, more educated, more public services & more female. Just because someone is a Democrat doesn't make them liberal because the Democratric Party are where the socialists lie-in-wait, people who would benefit “from those according to their ability, to those according to their need.”

The Democratic Party has recently been clucking on how they're losing more-n-more of the White Male vote, but that is actually a passive-aggressive way of advertising to non-Old White Guys because to many within the Party, White Males are the boogeyman. Gun ownership is a White Male thing, and gun demonization is intended to drive a wedge between OWG Democrats and the Progressives/socialists. The face of the Democratic Party has become the League of Women Voters, Public Employee Unions & Black-Lives-Matter. Basically, everybody who is intentionally & unintentionally excluded from the Republican Party and the spoils of entrenched interests.

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