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139 Republicans


Republicans are just a Party, and there are only two Parties that count so a host of ideologies find themselves under the same umbrella: old-fashioned GOP stalwarts, Tea Partiers & Libertarians. Their only common trait is a belief that you are responsible for yourself & nobody else is responsible for you. There's also varying degrees of “great man” admiration & a fundamental economics misunderstand that compares a nation's finances to how they spend money in their own homes. Only 29% of America voters identify as Republican but so-called “Undecideds” lean Republican.

Most people are the Party of their parents, which is to be expected considering the indoctrination & conditioning children are subject to. The Party creates the person as much as the religion the child was born into. In fact, Republicans have a component called the “Religious Right” that heavily influences the Republican Platform, but religion doesn't determine Republicanism, and neither does the other oft-quoted identify factor, conservativism. Since Parties are nothing more than teams, looking at who is attracted by the team would be the best way of describing Republicans. So compared to the rest of America, what traits & tactics distinguish modern Republicans? Reverance towards authority, courtesy, morals-values conscious, punishment oriented, conservative, religious, military idealization, older, better informed, mature & rural. Their tactics are organized, friendly, sincere & naive. And Republicans have a cynical view of democracy.

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