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Democracy is the biggest danger to liberty. As soon as a large enough constituency develops, it votes in its own self-interest, and if combined with no associated responsibility, the exploitation is especially heinous. A pernicious myth in America, in most of the Western World actually, is that a significant portion of the population can be totally consumptive without stalling the gravy-train. As America's retired population approaches critical mass, the reality of the situation will become clear over the next few decades. No, in fact, the young are not beholden to the old, and will not allow themselves to be callously enslaved at the ballot box forever. My aged father literally says that he only cares about what he gets because he's going die soon & it will be the kid's problem.

Even those elders who claim to have saved for their own retirement and are not at government's teat, the fact is life is a lucktocracy, and only the vagaries of history allowed them to be able to accumulate an imaginary nest-egg. It's a hubris built on incomprehension of their true place in society, one of parasitism. Age also provides immunity against the Political Correctness juggernaut. In fact, censor will be aimed at me for stating these obvious facts, such is the irrational, topsy-turvy world we live in where the weak gain control via the innocent mechanisms of liberty.

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