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114 Refugees


Any discussion of refugees is a cesspool of sanctimonious scolding & moral posturing. Europe will take millions of refugees rather than do something about ISIL. Germany lets refugees rape their women & blames the women. On this issue, the U.S. has more in common with Russia & China. Frankly, I don't understand The West's willingness to be manipulated? Especially by legality arguments from non-lawyers, and the "treaties" that get mentioned anytime there's a discussion about refugees are meaningless. The U.S. was not even a signatory on the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” and the “Declaration on Territorial Asylum” was simply political, just fuzzy moral principles of the kind the U.N. is always promulgating. If these things ever got on the floor of the U.S. House, they'd get smashed. Even socialist Europe doesn't turn them into real law.

In comparison to refugees, immigrants are the cream-of-the-crop: they deplete their home country of valuable human capital to our benefit so it's a positive transaction. Refugees, however, bring all of the incompetents along too. No one blames the refugees for wanting to emigrate: we'd all be refugees too in similar circumstances, but the answer is simply to side with liberty, which means that a nation's people make the decision if they want to admit refugees & how many. There's no moral, value, ethic or law that overrides The People's will. I'm curious how long the current refugee crisis goes on & how it finally resolves because it's a preview of the looming Climate Change refugees problem.

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