Dan Carlin's Hardcore History Addendum

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Re: Dan Carlin's Hardcore History Addendum

Post by C-Mag » Thu Apr 28, 2022 10:19 am

Interesting Carlin line from the Before Time
Any Government that fires live ammunition on it's citizens, even when citizens are rioting,
that Government should no longer exist.
That line was spoken in reference to the Ukrainian color revolution of 2014.
Fast Forward 8 years, Ashley Babbit.


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Re: Dan Carlin's Hardcore History Addendum

Post by Martin Hash » Thu Apr 28, 2022 10:23 am

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Re: Dan Carlin's Hardcore History Addendum

Post by SuburbanFarmer » Fri Feb 17, 2023 1:04 pm

New episode w/Rick Rubin is really good. Halfway in, Rick sort of takes over and asks Dan why Common Sense stopped, and does a little therapy session on him. It’s good stuff for jaded old listeners.
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