Early Attempts (Early 1980s)

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Early Attempts (Early 1980s)

Post by Martin Hash » Sun Feb 28, 2016 7:36 pm

Lost Song Lyrics - October 4, 1991

That shallow personality,
Makes your deadly mediocrity.

It's dangerous to underestimate,
You really cannot hesitate.
I'll try to thwart your every move,
I'll dog your tracks, pervert the rules.

If nothing else it pleasures me,
To see you crawl deep into oblivion,
The invisible tendrils follow you in.

Almost every day now,
The spots before my eyes become darker.
The veil ascends,
I see thing as they really are & I sicken.

The pomp & circumstance are a drug,
Administered not in moderation but in great heaping doses do an unsuspecting populace,
Trained from birth to swallow on command
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