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Post by Martin Hash » Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:30 pm

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A thread came up on the "Liberals & Conservatives" Facebook forum about Antifa's planned Nov 4th secret event. I just had to participate.

Valerie: Sooo, I know we have some members of Antifa here. Who will spill some tea about Nov. 4th?
Martin: It's nothing. "Control the narrative."
Valerie: *robs antifa of freedom*
Martin: Antifa is hot air. College kids & weirdos. The gun nuts are wringing their hands in anticipation that they actually start something.
Ryan: They wouldn't have the guts.

At this point, as a superlative debater, I thought another tack was necessary to show these children how it's done...

Martin: For the longest time I thought they were Antifart. I liked that better. Damn you, Antifart!
Instant Like
Martin: Police over radio on Nov 4: "I've got Antifarts coming in waves."
Martin: Antifart meeting: "Who's bringing the Rolaids?"
Kyla: This party's beat, let's bounce.
Martin: Antifart response: "Screw Rolaids, those are from The Man. I'll bring Beano, it's all natural."
Valerie: I'm not hating.
Martin: "Who's got the gasmasks? And I ain't talking about tear gas either."
Martin: "You over there. Put. Down. The. Burrito."
Valerie: Savage
Martin: "Quick. Everyone, into the elevators & shut the door!"
Jeff: Dad jokes killed the thread. Like everything else in life.
Martin: Hey, cleared this place out? What'd I do? You can't smell 'em from here can ya?
Valerie: Plz take Martin's phone
Martin: Valerie, I'm with you, I'm Antifart.
Valerie: I really am anti-fart. When my husband does it in the bed at night i get really pissed.
Martin: Hey, why do you think I use the Internet?
Martin: This thread is epic. Let the fart be with you.
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Re: Nov 4th

Post by TheReal_ND » Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:37 pm

superlative debater
Supercilious perhaps.

Active shooter in Texas Tech tonight. Blue eyes red hair, 6'4 and 140lbs. Social media history looks like the antifa type. It was at a police station over a welfare check though so idk if it's antifa or not.

Generally I agree with your assessment though. These kids are generally dickless.