When you hear about all the controversy happening in government, you hope your representative is best for you. Those other folks in Olympia have their own agendas so you want yours to be the quickest, the brightest, and when things get difficult, the toughest. Vote for the most qualified candidate you can find!
    Martin Hash is an attorney, accountant, Professional Engineer, U.S. Patent Agent, general contractor, and successful CEO of a high technology company. He has doctorates in Law, Medicine, and Computer Science. Him and his wife, Gwynne, and children, Heath, Heather, and Haven, have lived in the 17th district for over 30 years!

When the big issues are right, other things work out too.
Here’s Martin Hash’s political philosophy in a nutshell:
  • Individual rights trump group rights – called liberty.
  • Small business is the backbone of society.
  • Taxation can be optimized for both people and government.
  • Public education is what makes all people equal.
  • There is no free ride but sometimes you have to give people a lift.
  • Negotiations require flexibility but also resolve to get the best deal possible.
  • America was founded on the rejection of social classes - keep it that way.